Fabian socialists have managed to maintain an aura of respectability with the wealthy and the “book-educated.” These revolutionary wolves masquerade in sheep’s clothing as gentle reformers.

Postmodernism and Cultural Marxism | Jordan B Peterson


By Varitas Foundation Staff ’64




June 12th, 1964

This book by the staff of Veritas Foundation shows that the greatest danger to the Free World today is creeping socialism, and not only its Communist counterpart. For the blatant brutality of Communism is better understood by the American people, and hence regarded with well-informed hatred.

Fabian socialists have managed to maintain an aura of respectability with the wealthy and the “book-educated.” These revolutionary wolves masquerade in sheep’s clothing as gentle reformers.

Although the socialists claim that they are innovators, Veritas proves that they are really reactionaries, who wish to turn society backward to despots like Napoleon, Louis XIV (l’etat c’est moi-a typical socialist attitude), feudalist Charlemagne, or primitive tribal chiefs.

Many leading socialists foresee with complacency the necessity of killing their opponents, once they have seized power. Bernard Shaw and Stuart Chase have baldly stated so. This explains socialist tolerance of the multi-million Communist murders.

The regimes of the German National Socialists under the Nazis, the Italian Corporate Socialists under the Fascists, the Argentine dictatorship under Peron, and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics under the Russian Bolsheviks, have all been socialist governments.

In the United States, with the help of our great American news media, both on the air and in the press, Fabians cleverly ‘disclaim their close kinship with these tyrannies, so that Mussolini and Hitler are never called socialists here, though their regimes bore that name. Hitler and Mussolini became competitors with the Fabian socialists and Russian communists in the struggle for control of the Western world. But their quarrels were chiefly tactical.

Fabian socialists have at times publicly repudiated the Russian socialist-communists, but they are always willing to work closely with them whenever the need arises. You will find communists and Fabian socialists acting as one against free men and free governments, just as competing gangs will join hands against the law and its enforcement officers.

The Russian communists, Hitler’s nazis, Mussolini’s fascists and the Peronistas simply carried out what many Fabian socialists recommended-namely, bloody violence to set up and preserve a centralized socialist dictatorship.

Socialists have infiltrated our colleges, our schools, our law courts, our government, our media of communication and our churches. They have done so by the old Fabian method of infiltration, – wolves in sheep’s clothing.

This book is completely documented. Should you doubt any of the statements in this opening summary and introduction, we suggest you look at our careful index and check the references, both in the text and in the footnotes.

The documentation is of several sorts: diaries and private correspondence, generally posthumously published; certain types of socialist trade journals, written to instruct and direct budding socialists-magazines such as Science and Society, The Partisan Review and The Socialist Quarterly; also what may be called “textbooks” written for socialists, which the ordinary reader would not bother to read and would not understand unless thoroughly familiar with socialist dialectics. Such a book is The History of Trade Unionism, written by Sidney and Beatrice Webb, and publicly acknowledged by Lenin as being a great “textbook” for socialistic communism.

There is also a wholly different type of publication written for the average man. In this the sheep-clothed wolves pose as reformers and claim they will give more power to the people and make them freer by curbing the evils of capitalistic civilization. They neglect to say that their cure consists of a self-perpetuating tyranny operated, by them.

Our documentation necessarily includes specific names and actions.

The socialists have always realized the importance of capturing the impressionable mind of youth, and they set about gaining control of the teaching profession in the United States over a century ago.

The emperor Caligula is said to have wished that the Roman people had only one neck, which he could sever at a single stroke. This sentiment was also ascribed to several of his bloodthirsty successors, and the socialists applied it to education. They wanted one overall category into which all subjects could be bundled. About 1825 Saint Simon-the father of modern socialism-accomplished this end by calling his teachings “social sciences”, and since that time the socialists have been wrapping together all the arts and sciences until today anthropology, sociology, history, geography, economics and jurisprudence are all grouped under the heading of “social sciences”. Then by clever semantic inventions they “prove” in all these subjects that socialism is, has been, and always will be the inevitable answer to all the problems of the world. Their pseudoscientific “proofs” of this evident fallacy are of the same value as the mouthings of an African witch-doctor, and are in truth the emotional outpourings of a debased religion. But by their insidious corruption of the academic world they succeeded in imposing their dogma on two generations of teachers and students.

Nowhere did the socialists’ perversion of the colleges serve them better than in the field of anthropology.

American socialists picked this subject as a number one objective in the United States some years after the Civil War and they have been successfully exploiting it ever since. Like most observers of American life from the beginning of the republic, the socialists considered Negroes the greatest single American problem. They knew long before Dr. Toynbee so clearly stated it that man, for all his progress in other fields, has never found a permanent racial solution. So the socialists set about using it (as they do all our problems) to stir up trouble.

They adopted for popular consumption the emotionally attractive slogan of racial non-difference, and introduced it to the professors, who in turn taught it to their students. They had no compunction about discarding all the painstaking researches and fact findings of centuries, culminating in those of Hooton, Carleton Coon, and others.

Race, say the socialists in public, is nothing but an outside “paint job”. Then they exacerbate racial difficulties by urging students to make inflammatory speeches and to incite riots. They frighten officials into condoning civil disorder and chaos. This is the pattern of violence which in Germany, Italy and Russia paved the way for the socialist seizure of power.

While popularly proclaiming the identicalness of races, socialists in their trade journals and textbooks and in their personal diaries and private correspondence tell a wholly different story. Marx, Engels, Laski, Bertrand Russell, Shaw and the Webbs in private constantly emphasized the physical and mental differences between races, and particularly the assumed inferior qualities of Negroes and Jews.

They use the riots which they have stirred up in the name of racial equality as a lever to persuade legislatures to pass more and more stringent measures, while the socialistic Warren Supreme Court pours out a constant stream of revolutionary decisions, none of them justified by the Constitution, and all aimed at establishing a centralized dictatorship by judicial fiat.

Socialists preach that there are no permanent standards of conduct or morality. The ethics of the Ten Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount are transitory, and may be changed by majority vote of the masses at any time. Of course, there is a secret reservation here: socialism is an eternal truth, and the masses must vote as their socialist masters dictate.

Socialists assert that all human actions and reactions depend upon environment. The theory is that human beings are mere robots, responding only to “external stimuli”, and that heredity and the accumulated experience of countless centuries, should be disregarded. This is part of what socialists call the “pragmatic approach”.

If pragmatism means practical experience, it surely must be taken into account. Certainly in the United States the Negroes seem to have proved pragmatically that there is a considerable difference between races even when they live in the same environment. Conversely, the dismal contrast between conditions in East and West Germany prove conclusively the devastating effect of a socialist-communist environment as compared with free enterprise on a people of the same heredity and culture. Unfortunately, to learn anthropology pragmatically may involve untold human misery.

The ensuing survey indicates that the first step in solving the race problem is careful and unprejudiced study, without suppression of facts, or any attempt to twist them to prove a preconceived political theory.

The socialists early realized that they must change the teaching of history. History if accurately and factually narrated has a nasty way of exposing the evils of tyranny and its inevitable downfall; and socialism is a form of tyranny. The story of the decline and fall of the Athenian and Roman republics, truthfully told, had unpleasant analogies to the schemes of modern demagogues. The factual lessons of history had to be hidden under a fog of socialist mythology.

Baldly stated, Saint Simon, Fourier and Marx-the main originators of socialism-simply tried to “set the hands of the clock, backward” to the Middle Ages. Then everyone had his position fixed from birth in a highly stratified society, run by a hierarchy of guilds, nobility and clergy. Artisans were sons of artisans and remained artisans for life. The peasant remained a peasant and was bound to the land. Socialism adopted this medieval concept and changed its name from “feudalism” to “economic determinism” and “historical materialism.” While they wished to restore the feudal caste system, they knew this was an unsuitable banner for their pseudo-progressive movement.

Though their extremist reactionary program would make individual liberty (personified in the United States Constitution) its first victim, they were too clever to make an open onslaught on this cherished principle. Instead they chose “capitalism” as their whipping-boy. Actually, it was the enormous energy generated by the release of individual initiative and invention that inspired our capitalistic economy to the miracles of production that made our American way of life the marvel of the whole world. Freedom worked the same miracles for Greece in the realm of ideas.

To rewrite history in their linage, socialists in the United States started as usual by infiltrating the college history departments.

German socialism got a chilly reception, but English Fabian socialism scored heavily at Harvard, where the professors (as well as the Boston Brahmins) were Anglophile. The ultimate choice of Harvard as their focal point of infection proved almost as fruitful in history as in economics. Their economic maneuvers are omitted from the present survey, because they are described fully in Keynes at Harvard (Veritas Foundation 1960). Perverted history, re-christened a “social science”, soon spread from Harvard class-rooms to the teaching staffs of other American colleges and schools. Charles A Beard was a leader in this dirty work.  His falsification of Madison’s writings in The Federalist is typical of “socialist”. Recently, Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr. carried on ad amplified this tradition of distortion in hi “histories”, and was rewarded with a White House post by President Kennedy, who himself a graduate of the Fabian socialist London School of Economics.

The socialized “science” of history is slanted to prove that socialism is inevitable. The days of individual initiative (which they grudgingly admit had some success when our country was “undeveloped”) are gone forever in our “mature economy”. The sum of human productive efforts is like a pie of fixed dimensions. All that we can do now is to redistribute the pie by slicing it differently, in accordance with a planned socialist centralized tyranny.

Individualists believe that the pie can be steadily enlarged, so that everyone can enjoy a bigger slice. Free men will continue to find profitable new ideas, after reaching the last land frontier.

Socialists are masters at inventing names to camouflage their objectives, and to Saint-Simon and his collaborator Auguste Comte goes the honor of inventing “sociology”. Even among socialists its definition is not altogether clear. Sometimes socialists refer to sociology as social science and vice versa. They use it also to embrace all “social sciences.” These deal with “human group living”. You can see its impact in nearly every school today, in the frequent reports on the child’s “group cooperation”.

Milton’s analogy of “presbyter” and “priest” applies aptly here. “New sociologist is but old socialist writ large.”

Sociology is the pseudo-science used to pound into the minds of men that they are not individuals. They are only members of an economic class, or a group suffering from some sort of prejudice. As individuals, they are powerless to do anything about it. They have no personality and are simply a faceless crowd. They are help- less products of society and only the all-powerful socialist state can solve their problems.

In socialistic dialectics independent thinkers are “deviates” or “queers”, and John Dewey says that only people who are entirely dependent on socialist leaders are “normal”.

After capturing the teaching field, the socialists set about writing textbooks for the country. The socialist Richard T. Ely was made head of the Macmillan “social science” textbook operation and gradually most of the textbook publishers were compelled, if they wished to remain solvent, to turn out socialized textbooks because socialistic teachers required them.

The concept of collective guilt is part of the socialist theory that only groups, not individuals, are worthy of consideration.

They used this theory to great advantage when President Kennedy was assassinated. Almost before Oswald fired his third shot, the socialists and their liberal stooges accused the conservatives in Dallas of the crime.

The lucky capture of the assassin quickly disclosed that he was a communist. But this fact, being prejudicial to their cause, had little effect on the extremist propaganda. Chief Justice Warren joined the chorus, and was rewarded with appointment as head of the Presidential commission of investigation, perhaps the most inappropriate choice from every point of view ever made by an American president. Foreign communists and their sympathizers are still peddling the line of conservative guilt. But it was too absurd for the American people to swallow. Logically, if the theory of “collective guilt” were ever valid, it should apply to the communists in this case, because the assassination of enemy leaders is a recognized technique of theirs. But with their customary hypocrisy in changing their theories to suit their objectives, the “liberals” here now asservate that Oswald was alone responsible,-and was crazy, besides. To anyone who heard the re-broadcast of Oswald’s ,cool and crafty radio performance as Castro’s defender in New Orleans on August 22, 1963, the notion that he was “crazy” seems silly, -unless you consider all communists crazy. The Warren commission has labored mightily for many months, but will probably bring forth a belated and unconvincing mouse.

The last “science” which the socialists bastardized, and the one most fundamental to their capture of our Government, was the law. They used the same strategy as in the other social pseudo7 sciences, and chose the law schools as their main breeding places, starting with Harvard.

Three men master-minded the operation: Harold J. Laski, Morris Cohen and Felix Frankfurter.

Frankfurter maneuvered the appointment of Roscoe Pound to the Harvard Law School, of which he became Dean in 1912. Roscoe Pound was pompous and impressive, and made an eminently respectable appearance. As Frankfurter admits in his autobiography, he was an excellent “Trojan Horse.”

Under Pound, Harvard began to teach the “socialization of the law”, Pound’s own words. Legal precedents and the old rights of individuals must give way to “social engineering” -a term later popularized by the Swedish socialist Gunnar Myrdal, whose propagandist book The American Dilemma was the chief authority cited by ,the socialized Supreme Court in its revolutionary school desegregation decision in 1954.

Harvard Law School indoctrinated its students, many of whom in turn became proselytizing professors, with the theory that the law is a “social study.” They called it “sociological jurisprudence”. Bluntly, it was socialized law. These professors taught men who are now Supreme Court Justices.

According to this new “social science” now administered by the Supreme Court instead of our former law, decisions are based not on precedent, but on their effect on promoting the kind of society which the socialized Supreme Court thinks best for us. This is substantially the same as the legal system openly avowed by the Soviet slave drivers.

Most important, communications media -newspapers, magazines, radio and television -are dominated by socialistic thinking, and naturally praise each new step of the Court toward collectivism. Intoxicated by this applause, encouraged by the Federal executive department, and emboldened by the hitherto supine acceptance of its, I usurpations of authority by Congress, the Court has steadily increased the tempo of its lawless march to the left. Scarcely a Monday goes by in the nine months when the Court sits, without at least one revolutionary decision, and these illegal amendments to the Constitution are immediately hailed by friendly publicists as “the law of the land”.

The Court has outlawed God from the public schools, has ordered local school districts to levy taxes, and has radically changed the method of election of practically all State legislators by imposing an arbitrary “one man, one vote” requirement in both upper and lower houses. It has gravely handicapped the prosecution and punishment of criminals of all sorts, including particularly those charged with subversive activities.

On Monday, June 22, 1964, the last day of the 1963-1964 session, the Court amended the Constitution twice: first, it annulled /\ an Act of Congress, barring known Communists from foreign travel; second: it extended its ban on the questioning of suspects by State authorities, with the evident ultimate objective of barring all admissions thus obtained, whether made voluntarily or not. On the same day, it reinforced its earlier unprecedented decisions protecting books from State obscenity laws (one case absolved Tropic of Cancer); and summarily held unconstitutional the legislative apportionment statutes of nine states.

As might be expected, all the amendments enacted in this extra-legal way have favored socialized law, and have tended to destroy the power of the States and to create a centralized tyranny of the executive and the judiciary in Washington. The Court has also invalidated Acts of Congress which conflicted with its novel constitutional notions.

Most of the enormous inroads upon the American system of government made by the counterfeit “social sciences,” hereinafter more fully described, have been camouflaged by wolves in sheep’s clothing. This metaphor is graphically depicted in the British Fabian Society’s “coat-of-arms” shown on the Fabian Window of Beatrice Webb House, which Bernard Shaw donated in 1910. A sketch of this is the frontispiece of The Great Deceit. The old fable has great pertinence to our country’s present plight. The wolves unmasked are less to be feared, no matter how much they snarl and show their teeth.

A.B. R.




Make no mistake. The Fabian socialists in America today are carrying on a successful war against human liberty. Their forces are all camouflaged politically. They disappear into the political landscape the way our unfortunate soldiers in that mismanaged war in Vietnam, outfitted in jungle uniforms, blend into the tropical Rain Forests.

The Great Deceit -Social Pseudo-Sciences is a thoroughly documented exposure of how leftists acquired tremendous power in our society.

For example, look at Hubert Humphrey who was picked by Lyndon B. Johnson as his Vice-Presidential choice. Americans of all sorts have been called upon to support Humphrey on the basis of a vaguely worded political platform. Support for him is solicited from business leaders, labor leaders, clergymen, educators, and all other elements of the population. His apologists will say “True, he is on the ‘liberal’ side, but he is a friend of both labor and business and is guided by our great constitutional traditions.”

Americans generally have been ignorant of the fact that Humphrey could be the first socialist President of the United States, any day after January-1965. Humphrey has been a conscious operating Socialist. He has been active in the manner of the socialist wolf in ‘sheep’s clothing. He has been touted by leftists as a leading member of -the Fabian socialist movement in the United States. In 1948 he was given him by the Fabian top command for his services to the left-wing movement. He was awarded the League I for Industrial Democracy award of 1948 and he was given this award as a participant of a “Reunion of Old Timers” of the L.l.D.’

i This was official socialist recognition of the fact that Humphrey was a leader of the leftist Fabian L.l.D. forces in this country. When L.l.D. members and associates decided to create the Americans for

1 Mina Weisenberg, The ,L.I.D. Fifty Years of Democratic Education, League ‘for Industrial Democracy (955) N. Y., (brochure), p. 26.


Democratic Action (ADA) as a socialistic infiltration vehicle into the American political system, Humphrey was one of the founders. 2 With the above facts in hand one can readily see why Fabian leftists realize the possibility of being only a “heartbeat away” from having a socialist President of the United States. In this manner the leftists feel they can gain socialistic control of the political and social structure of the nation without the American people even realizing it. Thus at one stroke socialists can be installed in power in the richest and most powerful nation on earth without the formality of presenting a socialist ticket.

So confident is Humphrey of his political camouflage that he has made no effort to conceal his connectiO!Il with the L.l.D. Although the L.l.D. is like a wolf concealed in a slaughtered sheep’s clothing, it has not been noticed as such even by key political critics of leftism. The L.l.D. manages to parade as a tax-exempt organization. Many dedicated supporters of freedom and fighters for the principle of individual rights have attacked symptoms of leftism such as the ADA, the Council on Foreign Relations, etc., but have overlooked the focal center of the Fabian socialist infection, which is the L.l.D. and its associated complex.s The infection and the resulting disease itself has been largely overlooked.

So subtle and insidious has been the socialist approach, that their apparatus is largely financed by the very people that they are out to destroy. Their activities are made possible by contribu-

Murray B. Seidler, Norman Tlwmas, Respectable Rebel, Syracuse University Press,1961, p. 238. Norman Thomas refused to give specific endorsement to any candidate in the 1960 election but he did state “Two and one half cheers for Hubert Humphrey.” Thomas,it must be remembered, has been a leader of the L.I.D. for more for 30 years. Hubert Humphrey considered Norman Thomas as his peer (ibid., p. 243). In fact, Norman Thomas had arranged for Salah el-Bitar, a socialist and Prime Minister of • Syria, to brief Humphrey in respect to international socialist foreign policy manipulations. (See Harry Fleischman, Norman Thomas-A Biography, W. W. Norton, N. Y. 1964, p. 283).\ -3 D. D. Egbelt and S. Persons, editors, Socialism and American Life, Vol. I, Princeton University Press, 1952, article by Daniel Bell, socialist leader and sociology

lecturer at Columbia University. “Background and Development of Marxist Socialism in the United States”. Mr. Bell, as a top leader of the League for Industrial Democracy in dealing with the reorganization of socialist forces, declares: “Its main strength was drawn from such institutions as the League for Industrial Democracy (the successor to the Intercollegiate Socialist Society) …” p. 370.

In speaking of British Fabian socialist influence in the United States, British Fabian leader Margaret Cole wrote: ” … Fabian influence there, such as it is, has been exercised by contact with Dr. Harry Laidler’s League for Industrial Democracy in New York, and in Canada through the various groups of the Co-perative Common Industrial wealth Federation.” See Margaret Cole, The Story of Fabian Socialism, p. 347.


tions from business and financial leaders and they receive political support as well as tremendous sums of money from labor unions whose members they will enslave if full socialism ever comes to pass. Leaders both in business and in labor act like the Gadarene swine, rushing to destruction as if possessed by devils.

The socialist example may be likened to a bodily illness. Cancer, that curse of man, can be compared to socialism in pointing out that the symptoms of the disease, the points of infection and the disease itself must be dealt with in searching for a cure.

Doctors generally treat with limited success, only the symptoms of cancer. It is not until the basic factors causing the disease are identified and isolated that the medical profession can take steps to effect an over-all cure and proceed with a more effective preventative program. One of the greatest difficulties in diagnosing cancer is the fact that its symptoms are often deceiving and assume many forms.

Socialism likewise is reflected by many symptoms. Perversion of law through our courts; treason in government; corruption and graft to attain power and wealth; mob rule in our streets; corrupting the clergy and the pulpit as political agents for leftist atheism; and the steady erosion of the morals of our youth is symptomatic of the insidious influence of leftist manipulators.

The American people have recognized and attacked the communist and fascist menace. However, little cognizance has been taken of the fact that they are both socialist manifestations. Americans have not yet realized that the basic factor of the disease is based on the infection spread by a leftist political underworld. A primary source of infection lies with the Fabian socialist complex which is masterminded by those who hide behind such leftist centers as the League for Industrial Democracy. They use social pseudoscience as their main tool for indoctrinating an entire nation.

Veritas has in this book diagnosed the elements which have been spreading the socialist disease. The cure and prevention lies not with the diagnostician (Veritas) but depends upon the work and fighting spirit of all intelligent and dedicated Americans who are acquainted with the difference between the disease and the symptoms and are willing to risk their lives and their fortunes to effect a cure.




Fabian Socialist Stained-Glass Window

Socialist – Communist


By Varitas Foundation Staff ’64















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